Baroque Bash Festival

Artist Pianos

TBA 2019


The purpose of this festival is to promote the study of Baroque music.  The student will prepare one piece from the Baroque period.  Composers such as Bach, Handel and Scarlatti may be used.  The student may use original, simplified, or arrangements of the pieces.  Students have the option of memorizing or not memorizing their piece.  The student will be graded on a 100 point list of items that will be on the student form.  Students achieving 96 points or higher will be awarded a trophy.  The students who score below 96 will receive a ribbon.


Teachers will collect a fee of $20 and send 1 check made out to CNYAMT to the chairman .  Teachers must include a typed hand written ...of the students' full name.  We need a clear readable list for engraving of the trophies. (Download forms below)  Scheduling will start by filling up the Saturday block first.  If we have more students , then we will open up Friday afternoon.  There are no make-up days or refunds if the students cancel 5 days before the exam.  The forms/exam sheet will remain with the judge/chairman that day.  The scores will be emailed to the teacher that weekend.


Teachers, when you request a block of time, please send me 3 choices to work with.  The amount of time per student is 3 to 6 minutes.  


Students are to dress nicely and bring an original copy of the music for the judge.  If you have made changes in the score...please notate them in the score.  Please read the guidelines.


Any questions, please email chairman James Vatter



Baroque Festival


Baroque Festival Information Sheet


Baroque Festival Rating Form