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April Fool's Recital

We had our first annual April Fool's Day Recital on April 1st, of course! Our recital was held in the Marvin and Schuh Recital Hall at OCC. What a wonderful opportunity for our students to perform in a beautiful facility and on an amazing grand piano! This crazy recital was filled with silly novelty pieces, humorous repertoire, joke-telling, and creative performances using balloons, stuffed animals, and fun costumes, too. The program included Haydn’s "Minuet al Rovescio", satirical pieces like “Not Für Elise”, and duets with part-switching, balloon popping, "tap" dancing on the piano and more. What an absolutely delightful and enjoyable afternoon! Congratulations to Mary Whittington who put together this fun event with her students. Kim Farrell and Jane Wolfe also had students who participated in this festive event. A huge thank you goes out to Laura Enslin for setting up the auditorium, the sound system, and the lighting, too! Congratulations to all on a job well done!

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