Piano Lesson

Baroque, Classical, Sonatina

The purpose of this festival is for students to explore, prepare, and play one selection from the Baroque and/or Classical periods or one movement from a Sonatina.  Arrangements or simplifications are allowed for the Baroque and Classical pieces.  The Sonatina may be from any period but must be in original form. Memorization is encouraged but not mandatory.  

Baroque, Classical, and Sonatina Piano Festival

Artists Pianos, Dewitt, NY

Date of Festival: 3/12/2022

Each student will have 3-8 minutes of performance time.  Students will be scored on a 100 point list.  Students that achieve between 96-100 points will receive a trophy.  Those scoring below 96 will receive a ribbon.


Scheduling will begin by filling up the Saturday blocks first.  Additional studios will be scheduled for Friday afternoon. There will be no make-up days or registration refunds if cancelling 5 days before the event.  Forms will be kept by the judges and returned to the teacher in a timely manner. Scores will be emailed to the teachers that weekend.