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Artists Pianos Competitions

Artists Pianos has been a long time supporter and sponsor of CNYAMT.  We appreciate the use of their recital room for many of the recitals that we hold there throughout the year. They often host workshops with nationally known composers and publishers, as well as Hickey’s Music Sales!


Artists Pianos is located at 5780 Celi Drive, East Syracuse  

The 2024 Artists Pianos Competition took place 
March 16th with the Winners Recital on March 17th at
Park Central Church, 504 E. Fayette St., Syracuse, NY

Chairpersons: Amy Heyman, Bernadette Kessler, Robbie Padilla, Ya-Wei Tseng

2024 Artist Pianos Program.png

2024 Artists Pianos Advanced Piano Competition Winners


Elementary Division

Elementary Division.jpg

Elementary:  Olivia Zhang (High Honor) Amelia Yan (High Honor)


Intermediate Division

Intermediate Divison.jpg

Junior Division

Junior Division.jpg

Junior: Norah Wang (1st) Kevin Zang (2nd) Andrew Cheng (Honorable Mention)

Intermediate:  Irena Li (1st prize)

Senior Division

Senior Division.jpg

Congratulations to these winners:

Elementary Division:  Allison Zang (Honors)

Intermediate Division: Mia Zhai, Honorable Mention

Senior Division: Brian Chang, Honorable Mention

Senior:  Daniel Luo (3rd ) Sarah Mullen(2nd) Hudson Brenner (1st)

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